Comment: Prank Violates Principles of Liberty

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Prank Violates Principles of Liberty

I do not support this prank. I think it is harmful to the liberty movement because most of these people said "no," they are not Ron Paul supporters. Later, when they discover the sign on their backs, they will be upset and left with the impression that Ron Paul or his supporters somehow think this is funny. In fact, this is a violation of the non-aggression principle and a violation of property rights. The back or backpack or hat or dog is the private property of the individual. Without permission, the sign is posted. It is done in secret and even done with deception (fraud) by stopping the individual and engaging him in conversation--and even posting the sign on his property after he has expressly said, no, he is not a Ron Paul supporter. Let's support Ron Paul by supporting liberty: Protect individual rights, including property rights.

Liberty Vigilante