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Nature did not make Martin jump Zimmerman and throw him to the ground. Or perhaps nature did, are you saying that it's a persons nature to fight someone whom you've never met or seen before? For the belief of being followed, harrassed, or even questioned as to their intentions?

Correct me if I'm wrong, the area Martin was in is a gated community correct? So in essence, Zimmerman had every right to follow, or pursue Martin because of his obligation to do so. Hench the call to dispatch, which proved Zimmerman did not continue following when told not to do so(if you listened to the entire recording you'd know this, unlike Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow). However, after the initial discontinuation of pursuit a fight broke out. As evidence showed there were wet stains on Martins pants, directly on the knees, and Zimmermans head injuries clearly showed a lack of restraint on the part of the Martin. Obviously not your normal fight, as eyewitnesses testified to seeing Martin ontop of Zimmerman just before the fight ended.

But never mind all that, nature is what we should concern ourselves with correct? So you consider this incident nature, or, natural to an individuals idea of liberty? The liberty to jump ontop of and beat senselessly another armed individual? And where does the nature of protecting ones self from such instances of aggression fall?

Regardless of whether or not he pursued Martin with malcontent, the community atlarge gave Zimmerman the right to do so. He was their security at the time wasn't he? And there had been a rash of burglaries as well had there not been? And Martin already had a questionable record correct?

So, once again, it's not about hate?