Comment: I haven't eaten wheat for over two years now--

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I haven't eaten wheat for over two years now--

and I don't have any of the typical diseases (including gluten intolerance, though I might be borderline on that) that usually make people stop eating wheat.

I have another illness that makes it such that I just do better without wheat.

What I don't understand is why more people don't grow millet.

Millet can be grown anywhere; it takes less out of the soil, and it can handle almost any climate, and I think it's possible to get more crops/year--

True, machines are made for harvesting wheat, but it wouldn't take that much--

Rice is very high maintenance, though many people (I include myself) love it--

but millet is not; it is less expensive and less resource-consuming to grow than wheat--

and it is not hard to bake with--

kind of hard to make raised bread, but then a lot of people do better without yeast, too--


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