Comment: Wheat has saved hundreds of Millions of Lives

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Wheat has saved hundreds of Millions of Lives

During the Green Revolution when modern day wheat was created, the goal was not to provide more food for Americans, but for the rest of the world that was starving. The high yield, high energy wheat that is now produced provides life to millions of people. It is estimated that 1 BILLION people have NOT died because of starvation due to the modern wheat.

Now are there some negatives to all of this? Of course. But the alternative is unimaginable. Many here have considered that wheat creates all of these health problems, but it could simply be that we eat too much of it. I recently cut out wheat (still going) for 3 weeks. I also cut out red meat, milk, soda, excess sugar, to do a cleanse. I feel great. I reintroduced red meat and I did notice a difference, but nothing drastic. Later this week I will start eating wheat again and will give an update as to what happens.

Now there is something I recently read. With wheat being planted world wide in such a large scale, there are now new fungus that attack wheat. The fungus does show up in the flower after the wheat has been processed. It could very well be that we are getting bacteria and fungus and this is causing these "health" problems.

Remember, be scientific, not emotional, when it comes to any issues.

Btw, I have read the book.