Comment: That's the only options you

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That's the only options you

That's the only options you can imagine? Institutionalize theft, murder, and slavery of your neighbors because they disagree with your big idea, or kill the handicapped?

Nothing else possible hmm?

And anarchists are slow on the uptake?;) (clue: this is called false dichotomy, or excluded middle)

Yes that was for you. You led with saying anarchists are slow on the uptake I assumed you could take it as well as dish it.

Regardless, yes you are a coward. If you think stealing from your neighbor is moral don't wait for the IRS, they are inefficient and take a cut. The government only gives out $1 for every $5 it takes in.

If it's moral to do it's gotta be moral to do it more efficiently. YOU could do it without a cut. Go play 'Robin Hood' steal some food from some rich houses and take it down to some homeless people. I know you believe what you say that it's noble to take from some and give to others.

So look at all the good you could be doing if you weren't such a coward.