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I used the word, kidding around one day, in a comment. Got me in trouble and I had to try to apologize. (not everyone forgave me) Being a person with a disability, now, I would not be much of a fighter.(I was a pretty good high school wrestler!) I talked myself out of several (all) fights. I guess guys would consider that behavior cowardly and like "pussy"'s second definition, found in the dictionary. Call the guy effeminate that he was "screaming like a little girl"! It means the same derogatory thing. But, sexist?

If help would have come, maybe the shooting could have been prevented. The neighbor wanted a watch. (?) Yet when called upon to help, stayed in the safety of their houses. It was, possibly, appropriate not to help. But, George Zimmerman had no choice, since no one else would prevent the youth from carrying out his threat, when he started the fight. It sounded like Mr Zimmerman had no chance to explain why he was a "creepy $@#*&* cracker" following him. We can never know.

In conclusion, if there was some creepy guy(of any race) following me, I would have double timed it HOME and called the cops! Anonymously, of course!!