Comment: Make the haystack much bigger!

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Make the haystack much bigger!

So one approach we can use is to start auto-generating massive amounts of data for them to capture.

Overload their servers. This may result in a sort of DDOS of the NSA's Utah data center.

I envision a similarity between their attempts to monitor everything, and the human brain. In my brain I keep a model of the universe. However, it's smaller than a bread box, so it's definitely missing some of the finer resolution aspects of the universe. (And some larger aspects; for instance, I don't know Swahili.)

There is little chance that I will be able to accurately simulate all of reality using only my brain. Similarly, I believe that there is little chance that they can capture all of the data. Especially when people compose data documents using the "most spatially wasteful" document creators, whether that's a PDF, or Word, or PowerPoint, or whatever, use a format that "wastes space" and create dummy accounts and email back and forth. With minor changes (again, this can be automated).

Personally, I won't be attacking the system; I'll just be sitting on the sidelines, laughing while their schemes fail -- as they are mathematically guaranteed to do. But it's fun to evaluate various plans, whether or not I ever act on them.

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