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I think he is off for saying

the guy was a pussy for calling for help but your statement is totally ignorant. Sorry Ninja but how is shooting someone showing "restraint to not fight back."? I am floored that you would say such a thing.

The idea of "restraint to not fight back" does not even apply to this situation. Zimmerman was apparently unable to successfully fight back so he used his gun. There is absolutely no evidence that he "restrained" and the fact that he used deadly force proves he didn't restrain at all.

There is a time when not fighting back is a show of inner strength but that is really only the case when you know you can fight back, especially if you know you can kick the opponents ass, but you don't. In such a case there is no greater show of strength.

I agree with the OP that Zimmerman was a puss but not because he yelled for help. That is ignorant talk because there is no shame in yelling for help when you need it. But there was no show of restraint from GZ or TM.