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My first time seeing this picture. If this is true, and you see a kid in a hoodie canvassing the neighborhood like this in a known recently victimized/burglurized community, who wouldn't be suspicious?
My ass would be on him like butter on a roll!

Who walks up and down between the houses rather than the road? Also, if I believe someone is stalking me I am absolutely going to be under the lights IN the PUBLIC street.

My only question to "seal the deal" would be, "Where is this kids father's house"?

If its not VERY near this diagram, I have a serious problem with this kid's location.

Look at GZ's path. He's looking for the guy ON the streets, where you would expect someone to be, for goodness sakes. When he doesn't see the guy on the street he doubles back and gets jumped. Why all the hoopla over this?

Is this picture becoming clearer? Am I missing something?

Do we have a effed potus, or what?

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