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Because CURRANT laws in the USA make it illegal to discriminate on a person's origin, they do not have the power to operate discriminately.

An innocent person, who has committed no crime can not be turned down based on origin.

They absolutely have the right to tell Israelis in Saudi Arabia.. NO FLIGHT FOR YOU.. but they do not have that right here in the states.

I see NO win for liberty by backing a country that is upsurping Laws Americasn have to follow and fireant is right.. ERIC HOLDER and John Kerry for that matter should tell the airline to COMPLY WITH AMERICAN LAWS or don't land here.

What do I think will happen? I think the USA is indebted to the Saudis and won't do a thing.. so another airline will do it, and then another..

I predicted this with the Snowball Hoax.. it was all about closing the border to Americans. Here we go.