Comment: "expanding" the mind, not losing it

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"expanding" the mind, not losing it

"At least I brought something new to the table..."

There's no need to sweep away the old to make room for the new [here].
Doing as such at this table would be ironically detrimental.

I enjoyed the entire comment but for the final claim...
"Sober people push papers, Alchemical users pioneer the ages."

"of course people from all walks of life can be pushing papers,"

Yes, that was generally [half of] my point.

"but my point was based on keeping people's minds open to the philosophy of hermetics and the like."

Perhaps that was your point too, until your final sentence. Your "push papers" sentence closed those minds back up.

"you can call that condescending I suppose"

I did. No need to speculate or claim what is already evident. As a matter of fact, much like your "Sober/Alchemical" sentence, "condescending" was the last thing I wrote into my comment. I wrote the entire comment without that word, read it, thought my central point to still be a bit ambiguous, thought of the word "condescending", reconsidered if it is was an accurate word to more clearly express my sentiment, thought "Hell, yeah!", interjected the text as such, and pressed the "Save" button.

You're free to think and believe what you like. My intent is not to change your mind or beliefs but for prompting you to have another look at your statement of creed and reconsider whether or not it was expressed accurately.

I've attended various churches. A common experience that has prompted me to stop attending many churches is eventually finding the congregation to have gone off the deep end with the notion of "God's chosen people". Seeds of intolerance and condescension can be so small that the people that hold them don't even see they hold them. These tiny seeds are immeasurably dense and indestructible.

Here's the exact same sentiment conveyed in alternate context...

"Black people are capable of menial labor, White people pioneer the ages."

Abraham Lincoln was not "adversarial" toward negroes, yet toward them he was immaculately condescending. Multiple times he publicly claimed white people to be inherently superior to black people in nearly every way.

All I'm saying is that as it stands, your claim expresses the notion that you are an Alchemical Supremacist. If you're okay with that, so be it. Perhaps the OP flirts with expressing its author to be a Sober Supremacist, but that point is not clearly evident and remains moot. Your expression as it stands is far more concise.

I personally don't find either to be supreme. I personally don't recognize a generally categorical connection. By no means do I fail to recognize where Alchemical users have helped pioneer the ages, but I also don't fail to recognize where Alchemical users have engaged "monotony in narrow minded thinking rather than expanding your mind into transcendental ideas and relationships".

I also don't fail to recognize Alchemical non-users who are, as you have pointed out, bound to "push papers".

The two phrases of your claim, juxtaposed as they are, succinctly convey the sentiment of not just mild Alchemical Supremacy, but a form of Alchemical Supremacy in which the sober are incapable of rising above "pushing papers" to help "pioneer the ages".

Look at where you posted that claim.

Transcend your mind to the greater context.

I can't think of a man more sober than Ron Paul.