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Comment: BLAMING is actually defined slightly differently in

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BLAMING is actually defined slightly differently in

Essentials of Abnormal Psychology

Someone with a neurosis takes the blame for everything that happens to them, they consider themselves victims of the world due to their being 'less-than' everyone else. Even bad things that happen to other people are somehow their fault for simply knowing the person.

A personality disordered person, however, accepts no responsibility for anything that happens. These are the big ego type people whose egos are really just fronts based on no foundation whatsoever, which is why they are so easily shattered by any hint that they may be at fault for something, anything.

In either case the person's interpretation of blame and responsibility is seriously out of whack.

BTW I can happily say that this book is free of the psychobabble and new-agey crap that so often permeates psychology books that don't even deserve mention, such as the DSM-IV...

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