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I think snowden is a good kid who got mixed up in, and misled by. the wrong company (GG).

My heart goes out to his parents and friends and family (who appear to be silenced).

I think it's rotten how those who engaged him have set him up and fire shots at the USA, not Obama, not holder, but the entire USA, with threats, as if Americans had NO idea that we had patriot acts I&II.. grew up with narcs and 007 movies.

It pains me to think of him sitting in a flippin Russian airport, same clothes.. he's losing weight, appears to be unshaven so he probabaly hasn't had a bath, or a good pillow.. so he's going through torture.. I don't like how Russia and dictatorships, and anti-Americans like GG use him.. or the NGOs and UN affiliated agencies use him as a stepping stone for their own climb into MSM.

I don't like how MSM is making this into a game while real lives, snowden being one, are actually SUFFERING.

I think the whole thing is a hoax and snowden got played and that's why I call him snowjob.. it's not about him.. it's about the SENSATIONALISM.. much ado about what we already knew.

I don't appreciate how some say "well this will wake people up". Yeah? To what? HATE AMERICA.

How does that help us RESTORE THE REPUBLIC? It doesn't.