Comment: Mercedes Benz is very interested in learning more about the acci

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Mercedes Benz is very interested in learning more about the acci

San Diego 6's Kimberly Novak sought answers to questions the lamestream media have shown no interest in learning after the bizarre car crash that recently claimed the life of investigative journalist Michael Hastings, who reportedly was working on a new story about the CIA at the time of his death. What Novak found was that LA Police were refusing to release a copy of the police report for the "accident," which they claim involved no foul play. When she tried to talk to police and firefighters who responded to the scene, she was told they had been instructed not to speak to any reporters. So what are they hiding?

Novak says a spokesperson for Mercedes Benz is very interested in learning more about the accident since it does not believe a spontaneous explosion of a 2013 model like the one driven by Hastings at the time of the crash is possible. She also spoke to physicists who told her that it makes no sense that the car's engine and drive train were found more than a hundred feet from the car in the opposite direction the car was traveling. Novak confirms to San Diego 6's viewers that, yes, it is possible for someone to hack into a late model car like the one driven by Hastings and take control of it.

The bottom line is that we will assume that rogue forces within the government murdered Hastings until proven otherwise because: (1) information typically made available to the public following a fatal automobile accident is being withheld from the public; (2) Hastings warned friends that the government was investigating him in the hours before his death; (3) when in doubt, use common sense to understand what happened; and (4) the mainstream media is labeling anyone who questions his bizarre death as a whacko conspiracy theorist. Whenever the state-controlled media attacks real investigative journalists, you know they're covering something up.