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(((((((((((((Stonewall Jackson)))))))))))

Well, since the new crowd of my perpetual downvoters that like to tell me what to do and think call me a troll (I think I'm one of the oldest longest members on DP at this point) I decided that they needed a reality check.

It was not such an easy pick to find. There were a lot of cool mean nasty troll pics.. but they didn't really look like me. I couldn't find one dressed in red white and blue.. and then the MASTER CHEF troll came up.

I'm not a Master Chef, but I am a certified, licensed, awarded sous chef, and she is kinda cute.. nose is kinda big.. but still, I thought, if I post a pic of a troll, then what's the point of calling me a troll to hurt me? So far, I've only had compliments, and I THANK YOU for yours