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Your little life isn't worth watching.....until sudenly it is

You aren't interesting or important enough to watch until you become someone they want to stop or to control. Then getting blackmail-able information, your daily routine, your memberships to anti-government groups could then be very useful. Say you wanted to become political and get involved in local and national elections, maybe become a delegate or a candidate, everything you do and say can be used to control you, intimidate you, threaten your loved ones. In fact every person in media, law enforcement, the judicial system, people who are high up in large corporations, and throughout all key agencies of our massive government are ripe for blackmail and coercion.

If this is the type of criminal government you want then you've got it. You don't believe in the constitution just say so.

But, don't invoke Rand Paul's words to back you up because I highly doubt he is interested in having Glenn Greenwald arrested nor Edward Snowden. Don't put extra meaning into his words. You are skewing his words to mean what you want it to mean