Comment: but it's not

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but it's not

I am elected to a GOP committee seat.. so they want to watch me..

I think because I grew up in the military, which was like growing up under a microscope, I used to think, with some envy, of the freedom the civilains had outside that barbed wired and armed military patrolled gates.

I have fought for a long time to keep America free.

But it seems that America doesn't want to be free. They don't get involved in politics or participate, volunteer.. instead ot's all about self medicating. Narx have been around forever..

so what has snowden told us that most of us that aren't spending our time looking to self medicate, nothing we didn't know.

Everywhere on the net it's OBVIOUS we are all self tracking.. credit cards are chipped, cars, GPS, appliances..

I don't think all who you mention are ripe for blackmail. I think many live above the laws.

I have no idea what Rand's plans are.. since snowden didn't listen to him, he's been silent about it.