Comment: Snowden told us......nothing we don't already know.

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Snowden told us......nothing we don't already know.

Well that right there shows that your call for Greenwald to be arrested to report what we already know is beyond ridiculous.

Oximoronic logic.

Change wont' happen until people demand it
People wont demand change until they are angry about what's going
They won't be angry until they actually know what's going on
They won't know until someone tells them

The Government and the media at large are not pointing out serious trespasses and unlawful breaches on our constitution to the public at large. So the public remains asleep. Snowden didn't tell us anything we didn't suspect but until he spoke we were only crazy conspiracy theorists.

There can be no change without people willing to put their lives on the line like snowden. That's just a fact.