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Ok man... wait and think like

Ok man... wait and think like this for just a second. All things are markets, from food too even law,courts and even maybe legislatures. Now, one system is run by the state= statism, socialism. The other system is run by private individuals=free market, capitalism/voluntaryism. So, even if you are for a public force that has monopoly power over some market, you are a socialist.

If you said, all we need the state for is healthcare and not law, courts, police etc. (just healthcare). You are still saying that everyone, all social classes usually at an unequal rate, should be taxed by force. Meaning with a gun and as an an-cap I would rather see somebody try to make a non-profit/or for profit/or community healthcare system for free for all, instead of a monopoly that has guns forcing every individual in the market to partake in that healthcare system; crowding out the market as well, stifling innovation etc etc.

Same story. Different Market. Private sector always wins.