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I signed my life away

NSA sent over a drone kiiping vigil on me just to watch this.. better be good. I'll let you know. Watching now.. or am I being watched now?

Seems to be about Kissinger.. the man who said, "Let Israel" bleed when Golda Mier asked for help.. and then he turned on Nixon for helping Israel..that was Kissinger's system Nixon went down for.
Now were on McNamara who admitted he was a war criminal in Fog of War.

What language is the translation?

I'm 14 minutes into this.. and I'm coming to the cinclusion that this is another hoax.. why? Because if wars are bankers wars.. he's making this into something else

I'll tell you what Nam was about the Nuclear Power plant France left and OIL. Brown and Root.. Kellegg, Brown and Root were in nam to take the sweet crude.. it come out of the ground pink or like honey.

Seems to me, all he's doing is using the press to make a "real life" movie for the anti-war.. and part of the whole energy grab cover up.

Ellesberg says they couldn't fire because they would be firing on their own troops.. not true. It's called friendly fire.. least we forget pat tillman... happens a lot, but it appears they've fixed that with psychtropic drugs and troops wanting to kill themselves instead (my theory on that is that cannibanoids mixed with psychotropic meds affect brain receptors which become agitated rather than sated).

24:17 ellsberg ADMITS he was wrong! What he did. How about that?
And then we sequey into a story abpout his pisno playing and parents died.. great way to wash out what he admitted. This guy is a creep.