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Yes. Sophomoric.

If it is the pranksters that you are referring to, I haven't given them a bad name. I am merely calling it how I see it. This prank is devoid of any merit, and what is worse is that it associates Ron Paul and anyone who attempts to be taken seriously expounding upon libertarian virtues as sophomoric. However, anyone may also argue that those preyed upon in this video are so deep in their proverbial slumber that suffering an encounter such as this will have no ultimate consequence. How many kicks does it take to awaken those poor souls, or will those kicks only serve to induce a coma? In the age of corporations, franchises, and brand names, I don't think it is wise to sully the name of what many believe is the appropriate direction for our country.

You mention that "kids gotta have fun," and while I will concede that, the perpetrator of this prank is FAR from being a kid...

Simply stated, in all the time that I have visited the Daily Paul, where various pranks are posted from time to time, I have come to expect that they provide a more enriching perspective on the shiftless masses that permeate our society, and while many of them do deliver, this one was an eye-roller.

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