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my plea for help

If he doesn't give out more info this is just going to die. It has already started especially with the Zimmerman case taking over everyones minds. it will die just like Fast and Furious (remember Issa vowing to bring them to jusitce? think about that outcome), or Benghazi scam - nothing happnened there, or the IRS audits - did anyone else see the tea party people that were audited stand before congress? They stood before congress and it was aired on C-Span. They gave moving speeches, one woman was in tears and it choked me up as well. Nothing happened after that. Oh wait Im sorry, it gave the IRS enough time to come up with a bullcrap response in that they have been auditing a lot of people, not just conservatives...they just keep lying to get out of more lies. And we let them. Now the NSA leaks. These leaks are becoming old news. i thinkg poeple are actually getting used to the idea of, "oh yea that converstaion I just had could be listened to by the Govt".
At this point in time, I do beleive now that this president does not pass the citizen test for POTUS. There won't even be an investigation into that, a real one anyway. not even that, that is probably the easiest one too. But no...
Has anyone watched the protests for Trayvon Martin? The only thing that comes to my mind is...look at all of those people protesting in what they believe in. We don't ever do that. it's like we are too civilized or something. How do they know to come together like that? Why havent' we stood up about all of the corruption that has been happening before our own eyes? Now granted the MSM probably wouldn't give us the time of day anyway, but we aren't protesting, we arent trying nearly enough. there are more of us too, I feel strongly about that. But thats all I can say, I feel strongly about it. Truth is I have no proof, because we don't have a place where we can say to each other, lets protest here, or there. We don't show up in numbers like they did. The peopele who don't have a clear understanding of the law or of what is truly happening to our country are the louder ones. and that in itself is damaging. So we rely on the lone Manning, Bretbart, Hastings, Snowden. But just like Manning, Bretbart, Hastings, if Snowden doesn't give more info, we are sunk. From what I understand he promised to not leak anything in exchange for Asylum in Russia. now i'm hoping there is a play on words when he says this, because technically he isn't giving info that would harm US, technically he is just helping the poeple. but that could just be me hoping. So Snowden if your reading this somewhere, or even Greenwald, you have to keep revealing more info. or were sunk.