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"Your little life...?"

You know NOTHING about me, Granger. But you choose to marginalize me by assuming that I don't have much of a life and I'm not worth observing? How kind of you. You sound exactly like the MSM when they attempted to marginalize Dr. Paul. Now, I don't claim to be a Dr. Paul. But I can always strive.

I served this country for many years during another of our useless wars. I was drafted after college and ended up staying in after my first stint. I had a top secret clearance and worked in D.C. for a good many years. I worked in programs that weren't necessarily for the public to know about at the time. (They've since been declassified.) Meanwhile, my views have changed a great deal since those days, and I don't know who or what might be interested in me. I believe they are interested in observing anyone who is a 'constitutionalist' or 'patriot' or 'prepper' or anyone who opposes the over-reach and intrusion of government into the private lives of 'we the people'. And that include "my little life".

And you don't think a comment like that is personal? I have observed some beautiful and well thought out comments from you, even today. Unfortunately, all too often your behavior is despicable!

Two characteristics that make up the Daily P*AU*L are 'Peace' and 'Love'. You can put these on display, even with opposing viewpoints. I believe that principle dates back at least 2,000 years.