Comment: I like Morgan Freeman as an actor.

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I like Morgan Freeman as an actor.

But as a person, I have serious distrust for the guy.

I truly believe, from many things I have seen, that he is intertwined with CIA and its "official" Hollywood MK-ULTRA sub-project mind control projects, in capacity of slave handler. Something that really influenced that thought, was in the book written by Cathy O'Brien, that says (paraphrasing) "CIA Mind Control slaves, chosen from childhood, destined for Entertainment industries are usually termed 'Million Dollar Babies.'"

She also explains in that book, about having been a "guest" at Bohemian Grove, when she was made to perform a stand up comedy routine in the "drinks room" where most of the real guests knew the jokes, or inside joke aspects to the jokes. That is a theme they use, inside jokes and cues to those in the know. Also, when she was "guest," while in trance hypnotized, she was to appear "dead," in the Necrophilia sex room. That was her main use when there, with "comedy" being a bonus.

Anyway, after that book Tranceformation of America was published, Morgan Freeman stars with Hillary Swank, a candidate for mind controlled slave (I could list a few other examples that support why,) in a movie about her, titled Millon Dollar Baby, where her "handlers," the boxing coaches (including Morgan Freeman) create (you have to create Mind Control slaves too) and help control and lead her "career." It goes with the theme of inside joke to those in the know, that Hillary Swank is a 'Million Dollar Baby.' And also that Cathy has said, to those in the know, "great actors" are usually made, not born.

Hillary Swank, a "great actor" was awarded an Oscar for her role:

I distrust certain things about Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, because it's likely it is Cathy's current slave/handler relationship. And also that Cathy and Mark were tasked with putting a lot of truthful info out about Mind Control mixed with totally fabricated nonsense to discredit. She is likely still a Mind Control slave, contrary to the claims that Mark Phillips had saved her and used NLP to break the programming.

A great vid about creating a simple Mind Controlled assassin was performed by Derren Brown, master NLP and hypnotist:

Anyway, I have no trust for Morgan Freeman. I could also list other examples that formed my belief he is CIA or works for CIA in capacity of mind control handler.