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Lol, the "old common law" ...

well if you are a lawyer perhaps you could share a brief or memorandum over your extensive career which contains the language or verbiage you are using here in any case. I will be looking for such phrases as:

"modern American common law"
"old common law"
"Ancient English common law"

I look forward to it because if you have used any of those phrases in an actual legal document, to make any argument, before any court in the United States I would probably be interested in reading it.
If you haven't used them in your career ever, perhaps you ought not try to pull any wool here.

Furthermore how silly of me. I couldn't tell you were an attorney when only an attorney could translate:

" ... not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States and the acts of the Legislature of this state."

to mean:

" ... not inconsistent with decisions of courts of this state and the courts of the United States."