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after a month of debate i've

after a month of debate i've realized i am dealing with a new iteration of the cult of the perfectability of man or human society. whether it was the rationalists that created the Reng of terror, or the modern "New atheist" movement that blames every evil of human nature on "organized religion," or the socialists who blame man's lack of perfect happiness and gregarious bliss on "private property," or out present opponents who shift the role of villain to the bogeyman "the State," all share the same belief. Man has been chained from expressing his true nature of love, peace and mutual adulation by some nefarious institution that has forced him to behave otherwise than as he naturally is.

i think it was Eric Vogelin who derived this mentality as being the secularization of the Christian hope for paraside. moved from the after life to the actual Earth. that is the goal of all the utopian secular creeds, per Vogelin, to

Immanentize the eschaton

to immanentize the eschaton means trying to bring about the eschaton (the final, heaven-like stage of history) in the immanent world. It has been used by conservative critics as a pejorative reference to certain utopian projects, such as socialism, communism, and transhumanism. - wiki

the Heaven of the dead christian religion and its god, transmuted to the still living Earth and its unimpressive Lord - Man.