Comment: Asking is answering

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Asking is answering

Asking the questions you ask is in fact answering them, tersely.

As for an elaborated version:

if not done yet, read my post of a while ago, titled "To The Youth" to learn about everything of the mechanic behind it.

Most relevant part : "On Antagonisms"

Linky :

Bam! See, that was NAILED, already.

History does not just repeat itself:

it stutters, in fact.

Seriously. Am I alone to think that this sort of tasteless CIRCUS is getting REALLY, REALLY, REALLY... FREAKING... OLD ?!

SERIOUSLY, people?

I asked (rhetorically) for being given "a break". And I would - gladly! - say "Thank You!", should I ever get it.

Too bad, though:

Looks like I'm not going to get it any time soon...

In this country, included.


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