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Comment: I don't know any Austrian who has given a speech

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I don't know any Austrian who has given a speech

on how to get from something like point A (tyranny) to point B (liberty) which begins any place other than a mirror. The strategy, if we want to call it that, of leading Austrian thinkers has been self improve and in doing so one will inspire others to self improve. Such a strategy has absolutely nothing to do with assigning blame to anyone other than oneself or anything else mentioned in the OP.

The Ron Paul revolution on the other hand would like to take that message and turn it into a political one where the strategy ought to be elect the right people. Ron Paul clearly endorses political office but he has also repeatedly stated the politicians represent the prevailing attitudes of the people and the political implication of that is there will never be a libertarian leaning majority in Congress unless the majority of Americans are libertarian leaning which can only come about by improving oneself and inspiring others to do the same.

It is not that the state as an abstract concept is a villain in and of itself. The villain, if that is the preferred term, is a belief violence ought to be redistributed to an individual without their consent when there is no injury, harm, or property damage. The enemy, being an idea, can only be conquered by ideas people deem to be more preferable. In order for an idea to take hold as a belief people must perceive it will lead to more happiness for them.

Fortunately for liberty lovers the so called state is doing a great job of aiding the spread of these ideas as it compels or coerces more people for more reasons than ever. For the first time in a long time people have seriously started to ponder and discuss the question when is it morally right to use force against an individual?