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I've seen more evidence that hydrocarbons are created in the deep crust/upper mantle. Thomas Gold wrote a good book on the subject years ago, 'The Deep Hot Biosphere'. He's the guy that told physiologists in the 1940's how sound resonates in the human ear; they didn't believe him until it was proven decades later. I like to view Thomas Gold as the Ron Paul of science. Speaks the truth but not everyone listens because of conventional thought of the time.

Anyway, if you're interested in how hydrocarbons form and the fossil fuel vs. abiogenic oil debate, I would start with researching Helium 3 found in natural gas in panhandle of Texas and eastern New Mexico, hydrocarbons seeping from the Mid Atlantic Ridge, and Saturn's moon Titan. That's pretty much the start of the rabbit hole. If you have general knowledge of microbiology, you can read about microbes that feed off hydrocarbons deep in the crust. The great thing about nature, is our understanding of it is always evolving and advancing. One day I think it will be proven that hydrocarbons are a naturally occurring product of a chemical reaction with heat and pressure that rises through the crust because of its low specific gravity. But who knows, we could all be wrong, that's the fun part.

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