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See, you are ignoring parts

See, you are ignoring parts of the story. The evidence most definitely does not corroborate his story....there just isn't enough to form a story where he, without reasonable doubt, is guilty of killing Trayvon Martin recklessly.

Where is the evidence that Zimmerman returned to his car? Where is the evidence that he didn't draw on Martin first? Where is the evidence Martin really threatened him so much?

To counter, Zimmerman himself has given different accounts of whether or not he returned to the car. Zimmerman and his father have given different accounts about Martin grabbing the gun. A medical examiner testified that Zimmerman's injuries were hardly significant, indicating that he might have lied about his head being banged in the concrete 20 times.

Plus, we know that Zimmmerman had made a ton of calls to 9-11 over the past year. We know that he had a history of ignoring dispatcher requests. We know that his brother is a racist. We know that Zimmerman had a criminal history, as did Martin (theft, minor drug possession). We know that Zimmerman's has been accused of spousal abuse. So, his character and judgment can both be questioned.

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