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There seems to be

a whole lot of very nervous pro second amendment rights advocates down voting anyone who questions the motives and actions of Zimmerman on the night he shot Martin.

The jury may have found Zimmerman innocent, but there is a lot of room for doubt as to what really happened that night.

Zimmerman changed his story several times. Zimmerman was also taking stimulants and benzo's. (bad combo)No one checked to see what his blood levels were that night.

There is also the video that showed Zimmerman entering the police station after the shooting. There did not seem to be a mark on the guy.

He refused medical treatment that night. Are there any X-rays to show he had a broken nose?

Zimmerman was a known wanna be cop. He put loaded a bullet into the chamber according to the 911 dispatcher. What was he contemplating.

Zimmerman was chasing Trayvon. Nothing Zimemerman stated happened that night can be refuted so we are all just going to take it as gospel even though Zimmmerman changed his story several times.

The only reason Zimmerman got off was because there was no one that could refute his story.

I believe it was in the original police report that the shooting could have been avoided if Zimmerman had not pursued Martin. Martin had not committed any crime that night until as you are all convinced he attacked Zimmerman.

The Media turned this whole thing into a race war. The prosecution was overzealous in their charges against Zimmerman. The prosecution was totally corrupt and should be held accountable. None of this changes the fact that there is man George Zimmerman walking around with a loaded gun just looking for a reason to use it.

Why that doesn't scare the shit out of you is beyond me.