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what were you watching

Brother isn't racist. Accused of a crime isn't a crime. Not sure what pics you say but he got the crap beat out of him. Where is the crime in not returning to your car? Where is the evidence he didn't draw on Martin first... let's use an ounce of common sense... HE HAD A GUN. You don't draw a gun on someone from a distance, walk up to them and let them kick the crap out of you. And since you are actually saying he drew first, you really sound silly because now you've confirmed he had a reason to shoot. He drew his gun, gave Treyvon several blows which didn't stop him, screamed for help, got the crap beat out of him, and then he shot him. Sounds like he exercised extreme restraint according to your side of the story.

You can make believe whatever you want, the facts are that a jury that wasn't allow to play make believe couldn't find him guilty; that a government official lost their job because he didn't find reason to charge Zimmerman (yeah, explain that one. Officials don't cover up crimes they can win); a "special" prosecuter was brought in just to charge Zimmerman and they then disappeared from sight; those charges were changed by multiple times when they knew they were going to lose; so absurdly so that they dropped them to child abuse; that multiple prosecutorS acted in several ways found by independent attorneys to call for her to be disbarred; the press manipulated the facts several times "he's white" "he lives in a gated community" (funny no one mentions the contradictory manipulations they send that the rich white guy in the "gated community" lives in a complex that has been robbed like crazy... sounds really upscale, they have a gate) to make it seem like a racial case.

Yeah. Your make believing what you want to believe happened surely overcomes all of those facts that speak towards a state that had no case.