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again not true

there appears to be a lot of people on this site that think concealed carry means you just might carry your gun. it's been interesting to see people attack someone legally carrying a weapon like you do saying he's "just looking to use it." like he just decided this one time to take his gun with him and he sought out someone looking like they were going to break into his appts again.

my guess is you don't believe most cc individuals don't always carry. they do.

tell me. with this being the first time you have heard of someone cc'ing, and the hundreds of thousands of people cc'ing every day with you. and multiply that time every trip they take to the grocery store, to get gas, to go for a walk, etc., and you have 1 event out of 50 bazillion. you have 1 event out of thousands in one persons life.

must wreck your world to know the person in the grocery line may be "just waiting" to shoot you. look in the mirror and see who is actually nervous about gun rights. the facts speak to the contrary.