Comment: Stop attacking my patriotism Mike

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Stop attacking my patriotism Mike

What ever they found Zimmerman is irrelevant.

Based on all your opinions it was only Zimmerman that had rights that night. Martin had none.

He had no right to walk in his fathers girlfriends neighborhood. He wore a hoodie. When Zimmerman was chasing him he should have just kept running. He was in Zimmermans hood and didn't belong there.

Who's the real Gangsta here.

I hope the family does pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. If ever there was a wrongful death this is it.

Martin could have been a burgular, Martin was a punk, Martin wanted to be a gansta.

Martin did not go out that night looking for trouble.

Zimmerman did. He created the whole scenario in his sick mind, loaded his gun with intent to use it, targeted an innocent kid, created the scenario, created the chain of events, and killed a kid.

Too bad he is not the hero he intended on being. He never caught the would be robber. He got his ass kicked, and killed a seventeen year old kid.