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forget what?

Do you even think before you type? Rand said he would endorse the GOP nominee no matter who it was before the election cycle even started. Ron Paul said "I do not know why people are driving a wedge between me and rand, cause we agree on 99% of the Ron Paul is a loser to then right? according to your logic. rand endorsed Romney to "play nice" in the gop party.

Rand is taking a different approach to deal with these crooks on the hill. Will his strategy work?? who knows because there are a lot of factors there.
Will the people wake up enough before its to late? can Rand create change in GOP? who knows, but he is our best bet on the hill! Rand is not his dad but doesn't mean he doesn't have the same heart. Rand is younger and an insider, he has to play a different game. he cant win on 3rd party! no one can. he has to change the face of the GOP. Rand knew what another term for Obama would be disastrous (and it is), so he endorsed Romney (the gop nominee , like he said he would.) Romney would of been better than Obama.
At least Romney somewhat loves his country, unlike the Kenyan born American hating muslim Obama is.

I don't know if what Rand is doing is the right thing playing 3 sided chess, but its sure a hell a lot better than anyone else on the hill, and a lot more than you are!

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...the land of liberty needs a regime change!