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Comment: again your hatred and ignorance is shown

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again your hatred and ignorance is shown

"created the whole scenario in his sick mind."
No, you did that. You have created what you think happened. He was there, you weren't.
What if he actually did go ahead and break in to someones place. What if he did worse? What is it that neighborhood watches do? They see something that may seem odd and turn their backs? Because you know exactly what the situation looked like? Or are you "creating" a "whole scenario" in your "sick mind?"

"loaded his gun with intent to use it."
How ignorant do you need to let us know you are. Again, don't look at the person next to you at Starbucks. That gun they are legally carrying is loaded. Yet, this is the 1 in a 50,000,000,000 time it was used in an outing, he was so racist too; the guy who stood up against the police department's treatment of a homeless person of another race. Yeah, people join a neighborhood watch and spend their time protecting their neighbors property b/c they want to shoot people.

Sounds like someone created a scenario their sick mind. Doesn't sound like your story matches the reality of gun crimes or Mr. Zimmerman's character.