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I disagree .Zimmerman is not

I disagree .Zimmerman is not a scum bag. He is an American that used Self-Defense. The only scumbags are the ones repeating media sheeple lies.

The only scumbag is the one that attacked zimmerman and got shot for it.

Moral of this whole story, do not attack someone unless you want to be shot. treyvon gambled and lost! Treyvon had a choice walk away but he decided to doubleback and attack zimmerman witness verfired treyvon attacking, 911 call as well led many to believe as the eyewitness said that zimmerman was the one calling out loud for help. The angle of the bullet proves treyvon was over zimmerman. Injuries to zimmerman show treyvon had attacked him and was beating him. It is at this point that zimmerman defended himself with one shot. Evidence backs this all up hence not guilty. Please provide evidence that shows otherwise and can destroy the main evidence.

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