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so true

hundreds of teen deaths in Chicago; white baby shot by teenagers in the head when mother doesn't have mom to give; white mother gets the shit kicked out of her on a baby cam while baby sits. A flash in the news.

The news makes up that a WHITE (non-white) living in a GATED community that can't afford a security system b/c it's actually lower middle class and in a high crime area AND the victim lived in it as well!!!!!... some people can't not see the racism the news puts out b/c they can't use their brain. Zimmerman wasn't any different than Martin, a minority living in a high crime neighborhood. Oh wait, he was different, he tried to act to make his neighbors lives better as a watch. He was different, he tried to impact positively youths by tutoring them. Name me ONE other 29 y/o that just does that. And standing up for homeless people????? Yeah, he's a bad guy just looking to shoot people....

Also ignoring the above makes you see how hateful and far anti-gun people will go to wreck someone to pursue a misguided policy.