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agree... it's not emotional thoguh

let's call it what it is. it's spiteful. it's hateful. those may be emotions, but emotional gives the wrong picture in my mind. it let's that person off the hook.

emotional is the white mother watching teens shoot her baby in the face b/c she doesn't have a few dollars in her pocket to give them. why is that not bigger news? b/c no one is stirring up hatred in racist and hateful people.

those responding here are so blind with hatred they would prefer to have a crooked attorney, AG, president, prosecutor convict Mr. Zimmerman of doing exactly what they would do if they found themselves in a similar spot. Let me proactively beat down their response that they would not find themselves in a simliar spot by saying we all have the potential to be there. We all have the potential to be in an altercation we did not seek and to make a decision to defend ourselves with whatever means are available.