Comment: Nice rant, seems to overlook important details of the case.

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Nice rant, seems to overlook important details of the case.

It took a lot of restraint to listen to the whole thing before commenting, but here is my take on his rant and the case.

TYT said that anyone who believes that Trayvon doubled back is a racist. But he seems to overlook the facts of the case, he built the strawman argument that Trayvon didn't go to Zimmerman's house, knock on the door, and ask him to follow him with his 9mm so he could get in a fight as an unarmed teen. But as I said, he overlooks a key fact, Trayvon Martin had close to (4) four minutes to cover some couple of hundred feet, likewise Rachel Jenteal stated that he said he lost him (most likely at the 'T'). Trayvon had time and opportunity to get to his dad's house. The only logical conclusions that can be drawn from that are that Trayvon walks slower than a night of the living dead zombie, he hung around near where he lost Zimmerman, or he doubled back. Based on Jenteal's statement that he was near his dad's place, I'm inclined to choose doubled back. That doesn't make me racists, that makes me objective and reasonable.

What I have taken from my time at DP is that people here have a desire to dig deeper than the surface story. The rant by TYT seemed to be counter to that. What I have found odd has been the reluctance to examine Trayvon. TYT complains that a toxicology report was done on Trayvon, but I wonder if it went far enough, was it capable of finding OTC drugs. More importantly, I believe Trayvon needs to be looked into because it could very well hold the key to why the physical altercation started in the first place.

Based on some of the information I have read recently on here in fact, I believe Trayvon's use of 'sizzurp' may have played a role. But it seems the media and the Trayvon supporters don't seem interested in finding the truth, they are only interested in pushing a racial agenda or painting Trayvon as the 12 year-old boy.

Trayvon's death was tragic, but I look at this from the viewpoint of John Locke's position on the use of deadly force. Being followed isn't a manner of being placed under the control of someone else. Neither is being called names or looked at funny or asked questions or what have you. What we know based on Rachel Jenteal's testimony is that Trayvon initiated the conversation by saying, 'Why you following me for?' And shortly afterwards she heard the thud and wrestling. Outside of that and Zimmerman's account, we don't anymore ... since Zimmerman's account has Trayvon approaching and challenging him as to whether he has a problem. I'm inclined to say that Trayvon did in fact initiate the contact.

Unlike TYT line of thought, the only unlawful act in question is who started the physical altercation, of which, based on the totality of the event, I'm left with the only possible conclusion that Trayvon overstepped the bounds and put himself in a state of war with Zimmerman. Which made it both reasonable and just for Zimmerman to employ the use of deadly force. I'm not cheering for Trayvon's death, and I'm not defending Zimmerman. I'm hoping and praying that the black community is capable of understanding the most basic principle of the first law of nature.