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People like you scare me Peggy

Zimmerman does not. I would have had no problem with Zimmerman had I been in Trayvon's situation and would have handled it fine.

Appears to me you are a very scared "anti-second amendment" person.
That scares me.
It is also difficult to deal with people who cannot reason using evidence and facts but whose decisions rest on "speculation" about the unknowns or unprovables .
That scares me.

Or hypocritical people who speak against intentional division of people yet personally fan the fires of discord themselves by posting their very own anti-zimmerman thread on this site (full well knowing it would cause discord) - then totally ignore hundreds of fair, intelligent, reasonable responses to your thread.
That scares me.

Lastly, the knowledge that you are on the same side as the MSM, anti-gun groups, and people such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Harry Reid, Eric Holder and Obama is very, very, very scary.