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The issue please....

Who cares who went where for what reason? Whether to get skittles to get high or to go and see who's staking out his neighbors. Who cares!

Martin attacked Zimmerman. That's illegal.

Zimmerman feared for his life. Justified, witnessed and evidence.

Martin didn't care to stop beating the man and had verbalized his death threat and proceeded.

Zimmerman's losing and not able to physically protect himself.

The weapon of protection comes out to end the ongoing attack.

There's no evidence to the contrary.

The jury decided based upon the evidence and facts.

Thank God for the 2nd amendment which allows the people to protect themselves.

Its dangerous to WE the People that you want to find guilty someone based purely on assumption and biases and ignore the facts. That's what unpatriotic and is the same thinking of our current POTUS. Otherwise, why has he not come out to support the decision and calm those who are threatening innocent lives across this nation? Pres. Obama pointed to this event in the beginning (If I had a son..) causing it to be in the entire nation's attention and now HE should distract from it any who seek to riot, kill, injure and destroy lives or property.

Where is Pres. Obama? He's watching and listening to see how many Peggy's there our out there and how may flame blowers such and this guy on "The Young Turks".

Have a blessed day.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.