Comment: He was not a kid

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He was not a kid

Kids are those little darlings that come to my door during Halloween looking for trick or treats...or those girls that sell cookies in front of the stores with their troops/mom, etc.
Kids are those young'uns that play baseball and such, this Trayvon Martin that attacked an adult man was not a kid.
He was a wanna be Gang'sta, who boasts of fighting and beating up people. Stop calling this punk a kid.
You demonize GZ as a coward, wanna be cop, why didn't you also call this spade a spade too? MSM has really done a number on you, they portrayed GZ as a wanna be cop, but said nothing of the wanna be Gang'sta Punk.
You reveal you bias in your post's title.
Seventeen is old enough to be charged as an adult in most states if a serious crime is committed. A hoodie represents just like certain colors represent...Please, take the time to think, and not let society perpetuate its will upon you. OK