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who are what to blame?

When you say that you are seeking, "who or what to blame", it occures to me that this is the foundation of our disputes.

I never seek, "who or what to blame".

I believe that the mentality of, seeking who or what to blame, comes from believing that you are not in control, a perpetual victim. It's someone's else's fault what happens in your life.

When events happen that I don't like, or want, I ask myself, "What did I do, or fail to do, that caused me to fail?" I blame myself.

I take responsibility for my life, my choices, my actions and lack of actions, my words, my deeds, and my lack of words and deeds.

Presently, I am standing with Rand in my elected committee seat, where I am not alone, and I see there is already an inside interest on who is going to the RNC to support Rand.

Presently, I am not interested in keeping my seat past 2014, when my term is up, which would disqualify me from going to the RNC.

If it is someone and something you feel the need to place blame, by all means dear (((((PAF)))) blame me. Bury me in your garbage.

That's what friends are for.