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The article is posted under GAY voices.

Recall Ron Paul said that we have lost our way when we divide rights, some rights for race, some rights for women, some rights for sexual orientation, some rights for children, some rights for parents, and so on.

This story is a perfect representation.. here, Greenwald is on the defense, and how does he do it? He HIDES behind the GAY lable because there are some rights for sexual orientation that say, "You can't attack me because I have rights, and you would be attacking me for my sexual orientation."

I read that he is, from his sexual orientation place of protection, reaching out to the indy's and disenfrancised democrats, with this appeal.. but the bottom line, is he is actively doing what he can to destroy America in the name of exposing America, though he has exposed nothing. At least he admits, in a twisted way, that threatening America, as he did, is not cool, because it is not legal.

Meanwhile, snowden still has not had a both, or a good night sleep, or eating well, as he rots in a airport in Russia, where no one has seen the conditions they have surrounding him, nor is anyone reporting it. Have you seen a picture of where snowden is being held? I believe snowden made a mistake, but I also believe he was set up by greenwald (and his backers).