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Why would you throw down your arms?

No one drafted you into Baghdad? Seems you were all about taking and building Baghdad by force, and when you came home to throw down your arms?

That doesn't make sense to me.

I met Alexander Cockburn years ago, having been once a subscriber to Counterpunch. I asked him questions he refused to answer, and I didn't understand why he wouldn't answer, but I believe now that he didn't answer because the USA is under seige by the UK, which he is more loyal, being a globalist.

The UK has had the American colony fight it's wars for a long time, and still today, they make every excuse to have us fight their wars.

We are in wars now, and who benefits? China and the UK get the oil, while we get more enslaved.

I watched a documentary about Israel, and one IDF trooper said something that struck me.. he was responding to a question about Israel being so armed.. why does Israel feel it needs to be so armed? And he said, "We believe that had we been armed, there would have never been a holocast."

I think he is right.

And so here we have in the Counterpunch article a USA trooper who goes to fight FOR Baghdad, then makes profit off the war as a contractor FOR Baghdad (we are not getting that oil folks) and he returns and tells us to throw down our arms.

I don't get it.