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...that you would not answer my question but instead get lost in your qualms over the secondary topic of his sexuality.

How specifically -- a direct quote, please -- did he threaten America? Something tells me that you don't really care whether or not Reuters was indeed twisting his words (emphasizing how Snowden is being careful not to leak information that would indeed be damaging to national security, etc.) out of context, to make it sound like he was making a threat. All along Greenwald in his interviews has been clearly emphasizing the intent to be carefully selective with the info they have. But you're just going to keep repeating the distortions, anyhow?

So nothing has been exposed? 'PRISM' was on everybody's lips, prior? Those who were generally dismissed as kooks or conspiracy theorists for even discussing the surveillance state prior to Snowden have now been vindicated, in that it has been thrust into the spotlight of public acknowledgement and discussion.