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Comment: This will not end with Zimmerman

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This will not end with Zimmerman

The progressive liberal right and left will keep stoking the fires for racial or class warfare after this dies down. They will find another Zimmerman. Having family from a former commie country. One thing happens progressive liberals die out from starvation.Unless they work for government. No checks in the mail. No real health care. Abortions for all. You will be on your own. The country of Serbia averge income now income is 750 dollars a year.
Tell me what progressive liberal right or left could live long on that income. If you are not a physical, trade, barterer self sustaining person. Your toast. Then don't forget our big gaint "praetorian " class of people. They will be OK. The rest will not be so lucky. Don't worry about them in DC especially George Town not having water in this week. There bathing in Perrier water. Back to the garden and canning.

Money talks and dogs bark