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Comment: Why would they?

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Why would they?

What's in it for them?

THEY KNOW, anyone who understood the patriot act, anyone who has been fighting a war on drugs, anyone who knows history KNOW KNOW KNOW without a shadow of any doubt whatsoever that the USA has ALWAYS, since before the American revolution.. my Gawd,, it's not like spying is new or that it's improvements are so grand, that they are not being spied on.

You can go to the beginning of DP and read reams of posts by people concerned on spying. Ever hear of phone tapping?

Instead of hiding behind a sexual orientation blogg on PuffPost, maybe GG should be suing? Eh? He's a constittuioonal attorney by education and he owned an office.. he KNOWS his rights.. so why is he going left?

I bet he never comes back to the USA. And maybe those who back him should follow his cue?