Comment: This liberal Meme of "If you disagree with me, you're Racist"

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This liberal Meme of "If you disagree with me, you're Racist"

Is now clearly a sickness inside the whole liberal paradigm.

Liberals so despise "racism" and "racist", and they now have completely redefined the terms to a lower standard to simply mean, "hate against a race", which are terms that used to mean bigotry and bigot; ie a person who is prejudice against a group for personal reasons of dislike.

Lost on liberals is the added criteria to "advocate racism" and "to be a racist" one must also call for the violation of a person's individual rights (for whatever reason, (hate, distrust, scapegoating, religion, dress, etc) all based upon that person's ethnic grouping.

So now thanks to TNR and 30 years of liberal political correctness, the lines between racism and bigotry and prejudice have been blurred to the point where the terms are really interchangeable. And that suits liberals just fine. Now its the degree of your hate that determines which term is applied, --- the call to violate individual rights is all but gone from the definition. If you mildly get upset sometimes hate, then your prejudice. If you usually or often hate, then you're a bigot, and if you "always be hatin" - then you're a racist.

That is where we are today. Hence Cenk thinking "what is Zimmerman doing out there anyway?" implying, he must be 'hating'. He must be hatin' if he out there walking around carrying a gun. He must be hatin' if he said, "Those f*cking Punks always get away with it."...

To the LIBERAL, and now to many conservatives, hate is "the issue".

To the libertarian, "the issue" is whose individual rights have been violated? To the libertarian, race and hate are not relevant at all. What is relevant are individual rights for all (the right to Life, Liberty, and Property (justly acquired of course), the principle to take responsibility for one's actions, the principle of non-aggression unless in Self Defense NAP (and even here the amount of defensive force used can only be a reasonable amount needed to deflect the offensive violating force).

So we libertarians look at Zimmerman's amount of defensive force, was it reasonable? Frankly, I do not know. I was not there that night watching the fight, nor was I placed in the Jury box to review all the available evidence(which is yet another great reason for all libertarians to VOLUNTEER each month for Jury Duty - talk about having a positive effect for liberty!!!).

One thing that I think Cenk and other liberals quickly overlook is the positive result that this verdict may have on the black community. Hopefully, cases like the one where the Florida black woman who fired warning shots and go to prison for 20 years because of it, would no longer happen. Hopefully, armed black citizens will be able to prove that they were attacked and where defending themselves as best they could. Black on black crime is off the charts high, and if anyone's individual rights to life & liberty & property needs defending, its those victimized black americans.

What I am most curious to hear from my libertarian friends is this... HOW can we penetrate that liberal paradigm that says, "If you disagree with me, you're a closeted hatin' racist". It is a huge problem, for we cannot even begin to discuss things such as the minimum wage laws or welfare dependency or a multitude of things, if liberals have this deep feeling that "you be hatin'", thats WHY you say the things you say. Notice the popularity among liberals to say in reply to libertarian economic free market arguments, "don't be a hater" or "those are the policies of hate" or "you must really hate people if you think we should let them fend for themselves".

Its a tight interlocked paradigm that they have there. And sadly, I see no opening.


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